Thanks to our very own "Jimmy Olsen - Cub Reporter" Amos (that's Sarah's dad) for taking these photos. Apparently he took thousands of snapshots on campus, mostly in the evening  through open dorm windows with a telephoto lens.  The judge was nice enough to release just the volleyball pictures, but will hold the other 2,700 pictures until his arraignment.


Here Erin demonstrates, with her left hand, the secret of Megan's incredible 50" vertical

Like any back row player, Heidi has an anguished look when she doesn't get to pass, especially when a front row player does...

When Sarah comes out for a breather, she likes to talk to the coaches and let them know how they could be a better coach while she is on the floor.


Tired of spiking with their hands, both teams try elbows.

Here Kenzie prepares to levitate the volleyball


Hannah, wearing her parka, leans away as Dana tries to call for a TV timeout, but the ref ignores her.

Jordan and Megan each grimace as they prepare for a block-kill.

Heidi's defensive teammates are envious as Heidi gets to hit from the back row. 

Erin to Jordan.

Daring the other team to hit to the donut, the team leaves the middle open.

Megan likes to hold her arms up, as if signaling touchdown, so Erin can use that as a guide to set the outside.

Eleanor is ready for a dig, all the time knowing it is futile to expect that the hitter can get past Dana and Sarah.

Kenzie backsets Sarah who is ready to jump over chairs on her approach

The PP Sagehens use the fake-out play of looking up in the rafters for the ball, all the time preparing to shoot the ball over the net.

Kill with a cut.

Erin fiercely protects her plaque.

Erin enjoys a "cold one" as she watches Eleanor get ready to six-pack an opponent.

The man behind the scorer's table is stunned as he never has witnessed the "striking cobra wrist snap"

Erin and Kenzie know better than to block Val's view when there is a tip.

Ruchi sometimes likes to dance on the court to "Mr. Roboto" a move she learned from watching her dad shortly after he bought his first MP3 player.

Eleanor, still hoping for a dig.

Since Emily can dig with just one arm, she sometimes loans Sarah an extra third arm. In the background, Chris just tries to keep both arms warm with her thermal coat.

Kenzie tries to form a circle with her arms so the ball can safely hit the floor.

Dana and Kenzie blocking



El-eanor for El-kill

Sometimes Coach Allison likes to change her appearance just to see if the team is paying attention.


Carly with her medal from the Beijing Olympics.

Erin setting the 5

Ruchi wishes she would get set more, so she runs a pipe, just in case.


Jordan gasps as Kenzie delivers up a blimpie serve.

Dana - always in the middle.

Sarah doesn't fully extend her jump as she doesn't want to over-impress her blockers.

Pokey corner shot

Running the quick

Ali clenches her fists as Emily digs


High-flying "Air" Jordan

As a youth, Jordan was a cheerleader.
"Gimme a "C""

Unaware that the photographer from Sports Illustrated is shooting, Erin forgets to face the camera.

Megan takes cover, while Kenzie relaxes

Jordan using her pony tail to achieve extra blocking inches


Erin positioned for the dig


Kenzie & Heidi 16's

Using her feared thumb-forefinger swing, Sarah snaps a kill






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