Name: Heidi Leonard
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Del Mar
High School: Torrey Pines High School
Major: Undecided
College: Pomona
Chirp Highlights:

Heidi likes to dig.


Chirp Activities & Interests

going to the beach, beach volleyball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, art
Chirp Shots


Loves To Chirp To

reggae, oldies, james brown, stevie wonder, rock

Chirp Flicks

Tim Burton films: Mars Attacks, Donnie Darko, Matilda, Beetlejuice
Stupidly funny movies: Bubble Boy, Rat Race, Accepted, Blues Brothers
Harry Potter...

Chirpie Quotes

"Put in Heidi! [clap clap clappity clap] Put in Heidi! [clap clap clappity clap]" -LCC Noise Boyz
Bet You Didn't Know...

Heidi is in the math club at her high school and earned a year-end award. She also can be found 7 days a week playing beach volleyball at Moonlight Beach (I swear she lives there).

Also, Heidi and Kenzie played on the same 16's Junior Olympics team where they finished 17th in 2006.

Heidi with a back row pipe.


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