Name: Jordan Hammond
Year: Freshman
Hometown: Tusla, OK
High School: Bishop Kelley High School
Major: Undecided
College: Pomona
Chirp Highlights:

- Three Year Starter
- Two-time State Champion
- All-State

Hammertime with Jordan.

Chirp Activities & Interests

volleyball, basketball, football, hanging out with friends, music, eating,
Chirp Shots


Loves To Chirp To

everything... not so much rap though - augustana, Xanadu, The Fray, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, led zeppelin, Nickelback, Chamillionaire, counting crows, michelle branch, ludacris, john mellencamp, ingram hill, garth, wreckers, paramore, goo goo dolls, ben folds, maria mena alanis...

Chirp Flicks

that 70's show, greys anatomy, the discovery channel, the real world, crash, remember the titans, sweet home alabama, dickie roberts, hitch, due where's my car, monty python's Holy Grail and Life of Brian, seven, wedding crashers, shangai noon, 40 year old virgin,

The Word According To Chirp

coco puffs, kite runner, a time to kill, tom sawyer, lord of the rings, the scarlet letter

Chirpie Quotes

"I always thought that i knew where id wanna go
but now im here and i find that im still getting colder
its kinda tough getting older"

"death row... whats that.. like a street?"

"do ovaries itch?" - andrew


Bet You Didn't Know...

Jordan Hammond made the Oklahoma Small East All-Star team!

Highlights from Jordan's senior year.


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